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What is Reflexology?

There are six main meridians (major organs) that run down into each foot. A reflexology treatment involves acupressure on these as well as on all the reflexes which correspond to every part of the body. Stimulating these meridian sections as well as the reflexes enhances the potency of your reflexology treatment. Over some time Julie Porter has expanded her understanding of the art of reflexology and has concluded that much of the efficacy of reflex zone therapy, as reflexology is sometimes referred to, is due to the fact that these meridians feature so prominent a part of the treatment. She has obtained very good results with her revised treatment which includes meridian therapy as well as traditional reflexology.

Why treat the feet?

Other parts of the body, such as the hands or the iris of the eye, also contain reflex points which correspond to the entire body. However, the feet, being furthest away from the heart, are very prone to poor circulation and a building up of congestion or 'crystals' underneath the skin. On each foot there are thousands of nerve endings, and it is thought that excess acidity in the bloodstream causes a build-up of calcium deposits which eventually lodge themselves in these nerve endings thus affecting the circulation to the feet and also to the corresponding organs. Each foot represents one half of the body, so by breaking down these 'crystals' which are then removed harmlessly in the bloodstream for eventual elimination, the circulation is improved not only to the feet but to the whole of the body, thus enhancing the tone and function of all the organs.

Will it be painful?

This depends on the condition of the feet and the health of the patient. Some people are concerned that their feet are ticklish and that they could not bear to have them touched. Our feet are very often hidden to the world and most new clients feel embarrassed by them in some way. This feeling very quickly dissapates as they relax into their treatment and begin to experience the wonderful sensation of having their feet pampered.

Is this just a massage of the feet?

Reflexology is not merely foot massage as some people imagine, but involves stimulation of precise pressure points all over the foot, and clients soon experience that the sensation is quite firm and not at all ticklish. Many report that they find the treatment more relaxing than a full body massage. There is something very soothing about having your feet worked upon and the treatment finishes with a massage of the feet and lower legs which is in itself a very relaxing experience. If the only benefits of relexology were relaxation and stress relief then it would be well worthwhile for this alone, but add on top the benefits to your health and wellbeing and its not surprising that this therapy has existed in one form or another for thousands of years!


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